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Letter to the Editor: Dieting should not be primary concern

Published: November 10, 2006
Section: Opinions

At the risk of sounding like a typical Brandeis student, I was personally offended by Sarah Greens article warning freshman about the perils of gaining a few extra pounds. Although well intentioned, Green comes off more like a catty school mate, spouting the calorie content of your extra helping of fries, rather than a concerned nutritionist. “Do you really want that extra slice of cake? What? I was just asking.”

If we are to assume that the adoption of a balanced diet was truly Greens main concern, we can only conclude that her article falls dramatically short of its goal. The most discussion a positive diet receives is a brief reference to the Balance Station in Usdan. There is no mention of essential vitamins or nutrients, only calories and carbohydrates. In fact, the majority of the article focuses on the avoidance of unhealthy food options, not on the suggestion for alternatives.

Green even makes the ridiculous suggestion that one give their extra Usdan cookies to their skinny roommate. “You remember her, the one who can eat an entire pizza and stay rail thin?” Clearly the concept a balanced diet does not apply to her. Im sure Laura OGara would agree.

As a final insult, Green has the audacity to encourage her audience to skip meals. As someone who has been a personal witness to the effects of eating disorders, I was appalled at the suggestion. Youll be surprised at how long you can go before you really need to eat again. Ill let that one sink in.

Want my advice, freshmen? Most of Brandeis has better things to do then worry about your five extra pounds. Youd do better to spend your time living, rather than worrying. Join a club, drop by on a gym class, or rush a sorority. Just get involved. Do whatever makes you happy. You are in control now. And eat the damn cookies.

Gabby List '08