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New students join the Union

Published: September 20, 2013
Section: News

Brandeis students voted on Wednesday to fill open positions in the Student Union. Voting online through a link sent by Student Union Secretary Sneha Walia ’15, students cast their ballots for the 20 available posts.
Michah Lehmann ’15 is the new treasurer.
The senator at large, who represents the entire student body, is Naomi DePina ’16.
The class of 2016 elected Kathy Nguyen as its senator.
First-years chose both Erica Barnett and David Heaton to be class of 2017 senators. Wei “Wesley” Qian ’17 has been elected as the racial minority senator.
New quad senators are Henry Snow ’17 in Massell, Brian Hough ’17 in North, Andrew Savage ’16 in East, Eden Zik ’16 in Rosenthal, Ellen Parker ’16 in the Castle, Wonhee Choi ’15 in Ziv and Ethan Levy ’15 in Ridgewood. The Village abstained from choosing a senator, meaning that residents voted that no candidate was suitable for the position. Other residential senators include Michael Stein ’14 in the Charles River and 567 South Street apartments and Haley Orlofsky ’14 in the Mods. The result for off-campus senator was “abstain,” and there will be a special election for TYP (Transitional Year Program) senator because there was a technical error during Wednesday’s election.
Students abstained from electing an associate justice.