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Fixing roads should come first!

Published: November 10, 2006
Section: Opinions

As much as I approve of the administrations desire to beautify the campus and build fantastic new structures to house what is sure to be worthy research and facilities, I feel that they should focus on repairing our existing issues before diverting the construction focus onto something new.

The issue I speak of can be felt along our main peripheral road. As any of whom of you who are drivers, or any of whom of you who walk very quickly without lifting their feet much, would know, the main road is periodically marred with obtrusive changes in the road level that disrupt and jar our driving experience. These practical blockades should have been repaired years ago, and the fact they still stand only reinforces the popular opinion that this administration is lax in its attitude towards drivers safety.

Almost since their appearance, vigilante vandals (acting in what Im sure was a goodwill gesture to the general campus) have taken it upon themselves to warn other drivers of this danger by painting them in a bright yellow. Im sure the familiar sight of a bar of yellow across the road whizzing underneath followed shortly after by a horrific assault upon your suspension is all fresh in your minds. You know of the immensity of this problem, and I plead to you today to join me in my call for the immediate repair of these monstrosities.

As a recreational driver, I would have to say that the worst effect to these blemishes are their impediment of drivers wishing to cruise at any reasonable speed. My normal speed usually hovering around the modest velocity of 80 miles per hour is practically impossible! (Still attainable, but very uncomfortable.) And when it stops being fun, whats the point at all?

So, today, end these speed-bumps. And let us all get back to the un- obtruded, pleasant and safe driving experience we all love.