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How to keep yourself warm this winter

Published: November 10, 2006
Section: Arts, Etc.

Its getting to be that time of year again. Its the time to pack away our tanks tops and board shorts and break out the snow boots and winter jackets. Hailing from the Northeast, Im already prepared for the cold weather (and even if I forget something at home, I can drive 45 minutes to get it). However, for those of you who arent used to temperatures below seventy or even the concept of changing seasons, here are some ideas on how to keep warm over the next few months.

First off, if you plan on staying at Brandeis and not migrating to UCLA this November, a very important investment is a good winter jacket. My version of this is a wool pea coat with or without the addition of a zip-up sweatshirt underneath, depending on the day. Others prefer down jackets or vests with hoods. You may think you can survive a New England winter in a hoodie with a pair of cute gloves, but think again. Even a leather jacket is a better alternative (however, keep in mind that the leather gets cold!).

Under your warm coat, there are many options available for the ever-popular winter style of layering. This is absolutely key for the winter months as there is a big difference between the air outside and the air in Sherman. Sweaters, zip-ups, track jackets, and hoodies are some good options. Wearing a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt under is another method of layering. However, running around campus in just a t-shirt/tank and shorts is plain stupid. Make sure you pair your t-shirt combos with other warm items of clothing.

Everyone loves accessories. From hats to scarves to gloves, there are a wide variety of options which are not only fun, but also warm. Winter hats are often colorful and come in everything from polar fleece to hand-knit. Heat escapes fastest from the body via an uncovered head so hats are very important when trying to escape the cold while running between classes. Dont have a hat? The bookstore and many of the vendors who set up stalls in Shapiro offer a wide variety of not only good quality hats but also scarves, gloves, and mittens. When it comes to scarves, I swear by my purple pashmina its soft, pretty, and absolutely huge, meaning it keeps out the cold while also keeping me comfy. Even though mittens are sometimes considered childish, they actually keep your fingers warmer then gloves, as they are all together rather than separated!

Continuing to work downwards, winter boots are going to come into play pretty soon when the snowflakes begin to fall. Freshman Gal Zilberberg already knows this and has prepared by getting three pairs of boots! A very popular boot choice is the ever-present Ugg. Im addicted to Uggs, commented Mariah Rich 10 when asked about her winter footwear preference. Her friend Samantha Lenard agreed by stating the fact that they are very warm. Make sure when buying boots, they are not only warm, but also waterproof. Its no fun to have wet feet while sitting through an hour and a half of class! In short, leave the flip-flops for shower shoes only over the next few months.

This winter, like many Massachusetts winters before it, is going to be rough. Already, the mornings are getting bitter and icy. Even though the leaves are still falling, theyll soon be replaced by snowflakes and stormy weather. Make sure you bundle up before you step outside to go to class and youll make it there before you turn into a ice pop. Keep warm, everyone!