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Lisa Boes hired as new Dean of Academic Services

Published: October 25, 2013
Section: News

Emerging among a highly-competitive pool of qualified candidates, Lisa Boes has been selected at the new dean of academic services here at Brandeis University. She will officially commence her new position on Monday, Nov. 4th.

According to Kim Godsoe, the former dean of academic services who was promoted to the position of assistant provost for academic affairs in mid-July, Boes “brings a lot of rich experience and a lot of creativity to the position.” Godsoe worked in close collaboration with Academic Services to fill the vacancy following her promotion.

Prior to arriving at Brandeis, Boes served as the Allston Burr Resident Dean for Pforzheimer House at Harvard University, a role that encompassed serving as the dean for over 400 students in addition to supervising resident tutors. Godsoe cites one of Boes’ most notable accomplishments as the creation of a sophomore advising program at Harvard University.

Describing Boes’ work as multifaceted, Godsoe explains that Boes is equipped with experience in pre-health advising, advising students with disabilities, fellowship advising and general academic advising, as well. Although Boes’ impressive career accomplishments provide her with the background experience necessary for the role, Godsoe stresses the significance of being able to communicate and relate to students.

As a component of the strenuous selection process, applicants underwent a series of interview not only with faculty and staff members, but also with students. “She had a really strong rapport with students when she met with them,” Godsoe said about Boes,” and she had an equally strong rapport with the faculty.”

Explaining the importance of student involvement in the hiring process, Godsoe further explained, “It was a process by which we tried very hard to involve all different facets of the university community.”

The position of dean of academic services entails, among other duties, meeting with students for advising appointments, supervising pre-health advising and disabilities services, providing fellowship advising, working closely with members of Transitional Year Program (TYP) and overseeing BUGS tutoring and student support services.

Although she describes advising as a highly rewarding experience, Godsoe reveals aspects of the job that can prove difficult, requiring a candidate who is apt to handle such dilemmas. In particular she explains the importance of weighing individual student needs while maintaining adherence to the rules and regulations of the institution. Elaborating, she described this process, “You always want to be working toward what is in the best interest of an individual student, but you want to be respectful to what is fair to all students and the rules in place after very careful consideration of the faculty.”

As Godsoe said, “Advising is a really important part of student experience in college, and I think that [Boes] will bring a lot of creativity to what we do, and I’m sure she will have ideas of how to make what we do even better.”