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True Confessions of a Netflix Addict: ‘Dawson’s Creek’ a blast from the ‘90s Past

Published: November 15, 2013
Section: Arts, Etc.

It is that time of year. Those weeks right before Thanksgiving break, where all teachers want to fit in some tests, papers and hell right before we leave for one of the best holidays ever. I think the last couple of weeks have been rough on everyone, and I do not doubt that all the pain will continue until the night before break begins. It is times like these when I think, “Do I really need a college education?” and “I should live day-to-day because I could die tomorrow,” and “YOLO, you know?” During these dark days, I turn to my Netflix account, escaping the world of a History and Italian Studies major for a world filled with vampires, airbenders and, this week, teenage melodramas.

Netflix suggested that I watch a James Van Der Beek show, the show that put him on the map: “Dawson’s Creek.” I had obviously heard of this late ’90s-early 2000s teen soap opera. Van Der Beek stars as Dawson Leery, who lives in a small town on the water named Capeside. Everyone in this show has an amazing view of the water, so instead of driving everywhere, they canoe. Unlike his “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” character, Dawson is a moody teenager who idolizes Steven Spielberg and is never funny. He wants his perfect life to be as exciting as the movies he worships.

His life slowly becomes a movie when a girl flies in from New York City. Jen Lindley, played by Michelle Williams, has a dark past and comes to Capeside to escape it. She ends up moving in with her sick grandfather and über-religious grandmother, who live next door to Dawson Leery himself. Dawson “falls in love” with Jen.

Here is where the twist comes in: Dawson’s best friend Joey (Katie Holmes) is in love with Dawson. They have known each other since birth, have sleepovers and have friendly banter that oozes with sexual tension. When Jen comes to town, Joey is immediately threatened and does everything in her power to break them up. Meanwhile, Dawson’s other best friend, Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), is in a student-teacher relationship. This covers the first season of the show.

While the writing might not be the best, and Dawson and Jen always get on my nerves, this show feeds my drama fix. There are multiple interwoven storylines, including cheating parents, a father in jail and a jerk cop brother. I am on the second of the six seasons, and I am still eager to know what happens next. If you are in need of a wholesome teenage drama with four semi-well known actors and waterside views, “Dawson’s Creek” is the show for you.