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SCRAM Jam infuses party with art

Published: November 15, 2013
Section: Arts, Etc.

Last Thursday, Student Events and the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum (SCRAM), co-hosted SCRAM Jam as part of Louis Louis Brandeis Spirit Week 2013.

SCRAM Jam is an annual event at the Rose Art Museum. According to SCRAM committee member Christa Caggiano ’17, “It happens when all the amazing, artsy minds on SCRAM decide to throw a party. We aimed for it not only to be fun and approachable for a range of different people, but also to keep it tasteful and sophisticated.”

Stylishly dressed students began lining up before the doors of the Rose opened and filed in. Unsurprisingly, many students made a beeline for the beer garden, where alcohol was served for those of legal age. For much of the night, they lingered around the alcohol, chatting and later heading over to the dance floor.

SCRAM went all-out with this year’s party—contortionists and a jazz band performed on the center staircase, attendees could have fun with a photo booth and the drinks and cheese bars were strategically placed at different parts of the museum. Unlike many parties, SCRAM Jam was brightly lit throughout the night so that attendees could examine the artwork.

The music was something to admire as well. Brandeis’ own DJ, King Pleaxure, Ayan Sanyal ’14, took over for the night, playing a variety of well-selected songs, from soft electro background music to bass-thumping dance songs. During the first half of the night, only a few brave students occupied the dance floor, which was in the Foster Gallery. But by the end of the night, everyone who was not drinking was dancing. Although rumor has it that the dancing aspect of this year’s SCRAM Jam was a disappointment in comparison to previous SCRAM Jams, it was still a fun time for all.

The people who deserve a loud round of applause are the members of SCRAM. Throughout the entire night, they were responsible and well organized. Partygoers were prevented from accidentally destroying art pieces, and drinks were carefully administered (although there was no shortage of tipsy guests, they were all at least 21 years old). SCRAM thoughtfully tucked the photo booth in a different room than the one used for the dance floor. This layout gave enough room for the photo booth line to be exceptionally long without interfering with the rest of the party.

Although I overheard some experienced SCRAM Jammers complaining that the art was not highlighted, a majority of the students seemed to enjoy the party. For many, the works of art were noted for their contribution to the chic ambiance and were by no means unappreciated.

Every year, SCRAM Jam is the biggest and most successful attempt to pull people into the Rose. This year, a record-breaking 770 people attended. The reason for this large turnout cannot be pinpointed. Was it the free alcohol? The posh cheese bar? The free, universally appealing, color-changing tumblers? Whatever it was, SCRAM Jam 2013 was an impressive night.