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Special collections spotlights Declaration of Independence signers

Published: January 17, 2014
Section: Featured, News

The Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections are an underused gem of Brandeis, with rare materials on display for students who often don’t know the area even exists in the foundation of the library. While unique finds such as original Shakespeare folios are always available for viewing, this semester Brandeis houses the Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Signers of the United States Constitution Collection. This contains autographed documents from historical Americans such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. There are full manuscripts penned by great American heroes such as John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. The Archives and Special Collections blog states that one of their prized materials is a letter from George Washington written during the Revolutionary War, a document that discusses the understood tactics and war maneuvers of his rival, General William Howe. Whether students wish to visit the Archives to learn more about the founding fathers, or simply analyze their unique penmanship, Brandeis has brought very important documents to campus this semester.