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Letter to the Editor: You should be ashamed!

Published: December 1, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:

You should be ashamed for printing last week's article on the subject of interfaith marriage. Ashamed not only of the unprofessional tone in which it was written, but for the atrocious subject matter of which it spoke. To imply that Jews should be allowed to marry non-Jews only opens up the floodgate before people will be saying that all sorts of miscegenation are okay.

Myself and my brothers in the National Organization Against Interracial Marriage (NO AIM) have been publishing pamphlets for years warning of the terrors caused by the pollution of the white blood. If the student body at Brandeis wanted to learn about the sanctity of bloodlines, the opposition to speakers like these would not be so vocal.

Only once we all understand the importance of staying away from interfaith and interracial weddings can we all truly be together.