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Letter to the Editor: Level of interfaith dialogue impressive

Published: December 1, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:

As the Catholic chaplain on campus I have never felt that the University was biased against Gentiles. I am very impressed by the level and intensity of interfaith dialogue and genuine respect accorded to a wide variety of faith traditions.

In my many years as a parish priest before coming to Brandeis I came to see the value in marrying people within their own religious tradition. The more that people have in common, the better chance for a successful marriage. In fact, in the Catholic tradition there is a sense that to marry a Christian is very special.

Of course, there will be interfaith marriages. They can be very life-giving and successful. I myself take part in these marriages. But they do present special challenges for people of faith. The main issue usually focuses on the religious upbriging of the children. I think it is very understandable that the Jewish community with 15 million members, would be especially concerned in comparison to the Christian community with 2 billion members. It is to everyones interest, including Christians, that the Jewish community remains strong. Therefore, having a workshop to discuss this matter is not really offensive. It is vital.

Rev. Walter Cuenin
Catholic Chaplain,
Brandeis University