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Springfest is here: happiness and cheer

Published: April 25, 2014
Section: Arts, Etc.

After a semester of waiting, the time has finally come for Springfest 2014: The Beach Party. There was much anticipation around the reveal of the bands, and after the customary build-up of a Student Events announcement, it is now known to be Icona Pop, Atmosphere, American Authors and RJD2.

“Brandeis easily takes the top spot for 2014,” said a article that rated Brandeis as having the best local Springfest lineup. The article commends Brandeis for its variety of music. With this praise, many students from surrounding colleges plan on visiting Brandeis this Sunday. One Bentley student who said this on the Facebook page for the event noted that he would “bring some Falcons with [him].”

Icona Pop released its latest album “This is … Icona Pop” in September of 2013. The band’s most well-known hit, “I Love It,” is featured on this album in addition to their debut album (“Icona Pop”).

Some students are questioning the performance style of the band as an electronic duo. “One of the things I’m most nervous for Icona Pop’s performance is the fact that they don’t play real instruments. I’m not sure it will be as exciting to watch them press buttons,” said Jason Kasman ’16.

American Authors released their latest album, “Oh, What a Life,” in March 2013. The band is a return to some of the lighter, indie sound that has been featured during Brandeis Springfest in previous years. Despite releasing their album over a year ago, “Best Day of My Life” is the hit single from this album, which just last month reached No. 1 on the Adult Top 40 chart. While “Best Day of My Life” is the only song of the band’s that has made it big, they have numerous other singles including “Believer,” “Trouble” and “In a Big Country.”

Deesha Patel ’16 did not anxiously await the lineup announcement, but when it did come out, American Authors was a pleasant surprise. “I’m more excited for the openers,” she commented. “I’m really excited to see American Authors.”

Atmosphere reached out to The Hoot for an interview to preview their upcoming album, “Southsiders,” to be released on May 6, but never returned any follow-up requests for comment. Singles already released from the album include “Bitter” and “Kanye West.”

Atmosphere’s sound is laid back and relaxed, fitting for a sunny Springfest day. Their rap style is fun to listen to, even for those who don’t consider themselves fans of rap. In addition, they perform with a live band which provides them with an authentic sound.

Their single, “Kanye West,” exemplifies their style. The video is off-beat and jarring, while the lyrics come smooth over the beat. If their live performance is anything like their album sound, Brandeis will be in for quite a treat.

RJD2, producer and musician, was supposed to come to Brandeis earlier this semester for the Winter Concert Warehouse Party, but the event was cancelled due to weather.

As in the past, this year’s Springfest is setting itself up to be a successful day of music and fun for students before the semester comes to a close.