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Men’s soccer starts off strong against Hobart and Keene State

Published: September 5, 2014
Section: Sports

It’s that time of year again: Eleven players on each team hit the field running, adrenaline, anticipation and sweat coursing through their veins. Here in Judges territory, Brandeisians know this sport as soccer.

The 17th-ranked Brandeis men’s soccer team kicked off the 2014-2015 season with a decisive 5-0 win over Hobart College. Tournament MVP, Brandeis’ Michael Soboff ’15, toyed with his opposition, slicing through his defenders like a Swiss blade. Soboff contributed two goals to the blowout over Hobart, with help from Tyler Savonen ’15. Savonen scored one goal after a pass from Josh Ocel ’17. This was the 27th goal of Savonen’s Brandeis career. The Judges’ final two goals came from newcomers, Patrick Flahive ’18 and Marcello Brociner ‘18. While the Brandeis offensive line attacked Hobart, goalkeeper Joe Graffy ’15 hosted a block party of his own—no beverages or snacks included. Graffy blocked everything, claiming his ninth career shutout. He also was named Defensive Player of the tournament.

Later in the tournament, the team defeated host Keene State College 2-1 and went undefeated at the Keene State Classic Tournament for the fifth year in a row. “If we continue to work hard and improve, there is no reason why we should not be able to contend for the UAA title and NCAA title this year,” said Soboff in an interview with The Hoot. Soboff scored the first goal against Keene State, off a cross from Mike Lynch ’17. Ocel scored the winning goal, off of a penalty kick.

To Soboff, soccer has become second nature. Growing up in a Brazilian community, Soboff was pushed to excel in the sport. While the emphatic scorer and vocal leader of the team has no remorse for his opponents, Soboff is quick to attribute his success to his teammates and coaching staff. “I have a fantastic relationship with my coaches and teammates both on and off the field, and they provide me with a ton of confidence,” he said.

Soboff and Ocel also commented that they work well together. “Our games complement each other well,” said Soboff. “We both play an aggressive style of soccer and are able to create in a one-on-one situation” Ocel said. The dynamic tandem hopes to continue their success against Bridgewater State University in Brandeis’ home opener on Saturday at 4 p.m.