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An Ultimately good time

Published: January 19, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is Marvels latest addition to its long line of media. The game is about Doctor Doom's plot to acquire vast power and rule over all of reality. Featuring over 20 of Marvels finest heroes as playable characters and in total around 140 of the mainstream characters, the playable heroes range from more famous characters (e.g. Spiderman) to some of the more obscure characters (Black Panther). Each hero has multiple costumes, which give him or her different traits to purchase by defeating enemies and breaking objects in the environment. The gameplay is similar to that of the X-Men legends series in that the player may choose up to four players to move about the world in and to run missions around the Marvel Universe. The game is 1-4 players depending upon the game system used and the Players can switch between the 4 heroes. The game also has a few secret characters and other goodies to be unlocked during gameplay.

Honestly, this game is just a lot of fun to play, with gameplay being generally smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, the joy of unlocking characters and costumes is always there for the savvy player or gamefaqs shark.

However, there are a few complaints I have about the nature of the graphics. While the FMVs are beautiful, most of the graphics of 6th generation consoles such as the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube are not quite where they should be. Considering the graphics level of the God of War, the programmers have little excuse for making them below best quality. However, on the 7th generation consoles, the graphics are spectacular and exactly where they should be.

The wide diversity of characters is quite impressive, though the usefulness of some of the characters is often questionable. Lets end the review on the subject of voice actors and not discuss it. Overall, for the amusing story and satisfactory gameplay filled with adequate mook bashing, I would rate the game an 8 out of 10.