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Posner disappoints

Published: October 3, 2014
Section: Arts, Etc.

After months of preparation this summer, Brandeis Student Events released the performers of Fall 2014’s concert series, the first part of which fell on Sept. 20 and featured none other than Mike Posner. A prominent graduate of Duke University, to many, the artist’s name is very familiar. Posner reached his claim to fame in 2010, with his release of multiple Billboard top 10 singles within the year. These hits include none other than “Cooler Than Me,” “Please Don’t Go” and, of course, “Bow Chicka Wow Wow.” However, to others, the release of Posner as a performer for the concert series was a surprise, as it was not long after the fame he earned in 2010 that he seemingly dropped off the radar. That is, until he decided to resurface for the Brandeis student population.

Logistically, the event could definitely be considered a success, and there was no reason for it not to have been. The concert had been sold out for weeks, and Brandeis Student Events members as well as volunteers had been preparing until the day of. On Sept. 20, every director of Student Events was present at Levin Ballroom at 10:30 a.m., and worked to finalize all details until the show began that night at 7. The stage lighting assembly was impressive, with a variety of colors, levels of intensity and directions being shone throughout. The sound system similarly was well suited for its environment as the music seemed to effortlessly play music that was both very clear and was being synchronized well. The combination of both, in a setting such as Levin Ballroom, left little potential for disappointment. A potential that Mike Posner managed to achieve.

The letdown began not long after the opening act had completed its set. The very crowded audience was filled with excited students waiting for the main act of the show to go on. This waiting then continued for what amounted to an hour, leaving the crowd restless and, largely, very frustrated. When Posner finally decided to grace the audience with his presence, his set list was, as would be predicted of an artist who has barely produced much music in four years, largely expected.

While performing a combination of three of his most well known songs alongside his less successful pieces, the issue did not lie with the music itself. Instead, a quick look around the audience clarified the fact that Posner’s attitude and delivery failed to excite, with the detachment that originated in the intermission surviving throughout. The biggest disappointment, however, originated in Posner’s inability to continue his performance for a more extended period of time. From beginning to end, Posner’s act held a duration of no more than an hour and a half, leaving the audience confused as to his leaving of the stage at 10:30 p.m.

When asked about the selection of Posner as performer, Christian Romero of Student Events stated, “While we may not pick an artist that appeals to everybody, we try to pick artists who will create a very fun atmosphere. We believe[d] that Mike Posner [was] an artist that [had] the stage presence and charisma that would bring a high quality production to Brandeis.” For the price of $5, despite the disappointment that was delivered, the quality of the production made it definitely worth it.

With Magic! due to perform at the final part of Brandeis’s Fall 2014 concert series, after Posner’s performance, Magic! should not have many difficulties surpassing expectations.