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Brandeis police arrest suspicious person

Published: November 7, 2014
Section: News

A man in his mid-forties was arrested for trespassing on the Brandeis campus and transported to the Waltham Police Department at midday on Monday Oct. 27. The person was in the Usdan Student Center for several hours before a custodial worker alerted his supervisor to what he deemed a suspicious person. He called university police, and the man was found and arrested for trespassing and for the possession of a Class-B substance.

Brandeis encourages students not to let individuals whom they do not know into buildings, and signs are posted to keep the student body aware of the policy. Students are responsible for their non-student guests as per sections 2.8 and 9.19 of Rights and Responsibilities. Assistant Director for Programs and Resident Support Allison Leventhal says students must use their own judgment to deem who may be potentially suspicious persons.

“We ask our residents and CAs to call Brandeis police if they observe a person in their buildings who does not appear to be a member of the Brandeis community,” she said. “Since that can sometimes be hard to glean, we encourage a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach.”

The university police are still unable to comment on the matter as the incident is an ongoing investigation at this time, but Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan would like to remind the Brandeis community to be careful.

“I would advise all members of the community if they encounter any situation that appears to be suspicious or a concern to one’s personal safety, while on campus that they should immediately contact the Brandeis police at 781-736-3333,” said Callahan.