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Union update

Published: February 2, 2007
Section: News

– Student Union President Alison Schwartzbaum 08 and Union Director of Communications Brian Paternostro 07 announced that the party reimbursement plan is in its first week, having given $50 to its first two applicants.

– The Union has begun the final stages of its new alcohol policy, Schwartzbaum added. The policy will be finalized after meetings with Rick Sawyer, Jean Eddy, and Mark Collins.

– The Union has also undertaken meetings regarding the future of club sports. They hope to have a decision before the February break;

Schwartzbaum also mentioned that the task force will have to meet with the trustees to request funds.

– The Union is investigating a possible trip to Turkey via the universitys sister school, Al-Quds University. Schwartzbaum added that the trip might expand into a potential Middle East venture, but said this was far from confirmed: Before I announce there is a trip, I want to do the backwork.

– Last weeks Connect and Reflect event following the Carter-Dershowitz speeches gave the Union a look at how the university has responded to the recent debate. Some students feel they cant talk about this issue, said Schwartzbaum. They feel theyll be labeled an anti-Semite if they dont agree. She added that many of these people will only express these feelings with like-minded people: This doesnt further the conversation it just goes in circles, Schwartzbaum commented.

– In response to this, the Union is sponsoring a Campaign for Peace: We will bring student leaders who want to have programs about these topics, said Schwartzbaum, adding that the programs must be educational, peaceful, forward-moving, and help bring a benefit to the campus.

– The Green Line shuttle, expected to begin testing last semester, is having its first test run Mar. 3. The shuttle, which will not be ticketed, will begin with one bus and one minibus picking up at Rabb steps and South Campus. The Green Line shuttle arrives at Coolidge Corner. We hope itll be the first of many shuttles to Brookline, said Schwartzbaum.

– The Union also worked to repair the heating in the Sherman cafeteria. The Student Union does little things, too, said Schwartzbaum. Were proud of doing even the little things that effect people.

– The Union will begin their off-campus housing survey soon. A potential prize for completing the survey is a $50 gift card.

– Java Citys coffee equipment, including those for novelty coffee drinks such as Javalanches, now reside in the Stein, said Schwartzbaum. These services will be open even during hours where the Stein itself is closed.