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Men’s and women’s fencing both look strong at Brown

Published: February 2, 2007
Section: Sports

Both the men's and women's fencing teams competed last Saturday at the Northeast Conference meet at Brown University. The men were able to capture the league title while the women placed a respectable second. The final records were 5-1 for the women overall and a remarkable 6-0 overall for the men. Individual standouts were seen throughout the day and both the teams performances are great showings for this mid-season competition.

The men did an outstanding job this weekend as they went undefeated in conference matches. Their final score within the conference was 10-0 and their good showing was partly due to their saber squad, posting an exceptional 6-0 record for the day. The team was led by Brendan Doris-Pierce 08 and Isaac Liberman 07, who had a combined score of 25-8 in the saber. Also standing out was Mike Mello 07, who posted a 6-1 record in the foil.

The womens team also had a great showing this Saturday, eventually clinching second place in the Northeast Fencing Conference with a 5-1 record, 4-1 against other NFC squads. Among other achievements, the womens foil squad posted an impressive 6-0 record. Chantal Dewey 07 finished 10-1 while teammate Stephanie Aucoin 08 finished 11-1 for the day. This was assisted by the 9-2 performance of Kirsten Heinz 09 in the saber to round out the top finishers.

The teams were very excited about their recent competition and are looking ahead to future meets. This weekend we went 6-0 against both varsity and club teams, commented Will Bedor 10 about their recent meet. This meet was the deciding competition to determine the [conference] championships and we won. He went on to state, In the future, we will face top Ivy League competition and if we win, we will do what weve never done before.

This midseason performance is the first meet of the year and comes after a defeat to Harvard last semester. The postings this weekend makes the team optimistic about the future and contributed to championship and runner-up titles.