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Baan Apptit

Published: February 9, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Baan Thai
679 Moody St (781) 891-5510

Looking for Thai? Baan Thai is my pick for the best Thai food in Waltham.


Baan Thais menu is long and diverse. They offer conventional Thai dishes as well as some great surprises, such as the apple salad and a number of mango-based dishes. There arent really any complaints to be found here. My only frustration was the difference between the lunch and dinner menus, as many of the lunch options are not available later in the day.


Im a huge fan of the Baan Thai appetizers. The golden triangles stuffed with beef, vegetables, and curry spices are fantastic, as are the chicken and corn treasure bags. On the lighter side, they offer shumai and fresh spring rolls, both of which are great. If you happen to be a big appetizer eater, I would definitely suggest the sampler, which features chicken satay, spring rolls, golden triangles, treasure bags, fried dumplings, and vegetable tempura for $11.95. As a word of warning, the spring rolls are TINY and will run you $5.50 alone.


There are a huge number of entre options at Baan Thai. They range from the traditional pad thai to an innovative shrimp macadamia. The pad thai was perfectly sauced and delicious, a great noodle dish. The pad see ew, on the other hand, was too wet, the noodles drowning in sauce, and the vegetables didnt seem too fresh. Entrees to try include the crispy lemon chicken and an array of curries.


Baan Thai's decor is cute and kitschy. The waitress wore a modified tuxedo and the staff as a whole is very dressed up. They offer free wireless internet, although it would be a little awkward to go with your laptop.

Delivery Service:

Delivery here is reliable and quick. It will normally take between 45 minutes and an hour to get your food and the phone and delivery people always seem pleasant. Users can also order online via


A smart way to go about making a meal at Baan Thai is to get the appetizer platter, a salad, and an entre and share. This feeds at least 2-3 people and is very affordable. Appetizers run around $4-6, noodle and rice dishes $8-$11, and meat entrees $12-$16. Everything is big enough to share, and ordering family style is a great way to go.

4/5 martinis