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Hiatt continues under interim director

Published: February 9, 2007
Section: News

The Hiatt Career Center, which has been without a permanent director since the resignation of former director Marty Ford last semester, is slated to receive a new permanent director by the beginning of the fall term. Since late December, interim director Barbara Fienman has overseen the operation of the center. Fienman stated by e-mail to the Hoot that she intends to remain at Hiatt until a new director is identified.

My plans are to continue to help Hiatt provide great service to students and young alumni, added Fienman. The staff at Hiatt is extremely competent and provides a wide range of services and programs to students. The center is very busy and there is a lot of energy in the office.

Hiatt has continued to function smoothly under Fienmans leadership, said Rusmir Music, Assistant Director of Experiential Programs at Hiatt. We have a strong staff that has really bonded together and risen to the challenge, he stated.

I hired Barbara Fienman to make sure that the good work of the center continues until we find the next permanent director, explained Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy in an e-mail to the Hoot. I am only hearing good things.

Some students also felt that Hiatt had kept up its standards during the change in leadership. Theyseem to care more than they have in previous years, stated Beth Seltzer 07, although she also observed that the change in treatment may be because she is a senior. They do seem to work very hard, she concluded.

However, Hiatts reputation on campus is not entirely positive. Ive heard that they arent always very beneficial, observed Kayla Sotomil 10, who has not yet visited Hiatt herself.

The initial search for a new director is being conducted by an outside company, William Spelman Executive Search, but the ultimate decision about Hiatts new director will be made by a search committee chaired by Judy Pearson, Eddys Executive Assistant. The committee will be composed of faculty, staff and students, said Pearson. Its a multiple step process, she added of the search.

According to Pearson, the committee will be looking for someone who has extensive experience and expertise, who has done this before and is a visionary leader. Hiatt is definitely a department thats evolving and has been using more and more technology. We look to bring Hiatt to the next level.

Music says Hiatt staff are hoping for somebody who is very detail oriented, tech savvyable to keep us well organized and on task.

Some students, however, expressed hopes that the new director will address problems they feel have existed at Hiatt since before the most recent change in leadership. A new director should reach out to seniors earlier in the semester, said a senior who wished to remain anonymous. The senior also said she hoped that a change in leadership might lead to a greater variety of type and location of jobs Hiatt is able to help students find.

Unless you want to be a financial planner, there are no jobstheyre not good with the West Coast, or even the Midwest, she explained. A junior who also wished not to be named stated that [Hiatt] should do more international internships. More geographic diversity.