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Union updates

Published: February 9, 2007
Section: News

– The Student Union has selected its committee on the Middle East dialogue, Director of Communications Brian Paternostro 07 said. Nine out of 10 members have been confirmed: Student Union President Alison Schwartzbaum 08, Director of Academic Affairs Jason Brodsky 07, Director of Intercommunity Development Diana Chang 07, Democracy for America Coordinator Aaron Voldman 09, Dialogue on the Middle East Co-Facilitator Anna Benhamou 09, Speech and Debate Publicity Coordinator Jackie Saffir 10, Professor Shai Feldman (NEJS), Assistant Dean of Diversity Jamele Adams, and Father Walter Cuenin of the Chaplaincy.

– Paternostro added that the group did not have veto power on speakers, but would act as an advisory committee. We dont want to divide the campus and we want to provide a structure and an organization to this, Paternostro said. We want people to be able to process this in a linear manner. He added that were not saying that everybody has to agree with the speakers that are chosen or like the fact that they are coming but they have to respect that this is a dialogue and an open process, and sometimes in an open process you have to hear things that you dont like.

– Paternostro also added that Student Union President Alison Schwartzbaum is discussing with Provost Marty Wyngaarden Krauss about getting student representation on the Advisory Committee on Campus Events.

– Residence Life has candidates for the new assistant directors position for off-campus housing, said Paternostro. They will be conducting interviews Friday and Tuesday.

– The Union is expanding the c-meal and the java meal to include more healthier options, said Paternostro. For example, water was not included now water is included thanks to [Senator] Jenna Brofsky 10, he added.

– Hillel is working to improve the quality of Shabbat dinners, Paternostro added. The group applied for an infrastructure grant worth up to $25,000, but only received $4,000. Paternostro added that Hillel intended to not only increase the quality of the food, but the environmental friendliness of the meals, as well.