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Letter to the editor: Clarification on the Campaign for Peace

Published: March 2, 2007
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:

Former President Carters visit to Brandeis brought discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the forefront of students consciousnesses. Student groups began planning events to elaborate on the subject. To foster a cohesive discussion instead of a chaotic stream of rebuttals, the Student Union has established a committee called Campaign for Peace.

The Campaign for Peace is not an attempt to screen speakers, an affront to freedom of speech, or an act of paternal censorship on the part of the Student Union. Its goal is to aid the development of students capacity for dialogue (both listening and expressing ideas) through several different events on campus this semester. Events within the program will incorporate aspects of peace-building both in the region and in our own Brandeis community in order to promote the respectful expression and exchange of different perspectives and opinions.

I encourage the student body to visit the committees website at to learn more about the Campaign for Peace and its upcoming events.

Alison Schwartzbaum '08
Student Union President