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Flood victim finds intruder in room next morning

Published: March 2, 2007
Section: News

Dustin Smith 08 did not have to deal solely with the flooding of his room on Feb. 13: when he returned to his room the next morning, he said he came home to an unexpected intruder.

The next morning I come in, and theres this worker sleeping on my Ziv couch, said Smith. He threw my Bible and a few other things onto the ground. He covered himself with some of my clothes, and used some others as a pillow.

Smith said that he did not wake the sleeping man. When they sent somebody in to test the fire alarm, I thought he was obviously going to wake up, he added, but he had just pulled my comforter over his head. The man also did not wake up when Smith and others took a photograph to show Residence Life as evidence.

My dad was going to be there in a little bit, so I thought I'd have my dad wake him up. When Smith and his father returned, he said, the man bolted out the back Ziv door. He left one of his shoes, and took one of my sandals.

Residence Life and the Department of Public Safety were unable to be reached by the time of this publication.