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Take a break, stay at Brandeis over break

Published: March 9, 2007
Section: Opinions

I am the type of person that never leaves Brandeis unless they kick me out. Not only have I stayed here for every major break, but I try to make excuses to come back early, stay late, and keep myself connected to my beloved institution. It seems that people are all too willing to bolt for home or other locations during our breaks, and spend their time away from Brandeis. Some go on vacation, others head home, but a core group of people stay at Brandeis over university holidays. Being here over break brings an interesting perspective about our university and its not at all bad. With the Passover Recess just around the corner, Id like to write about the advantages of taking a break by staying at Brandeis.

First of all, staying here for vacation has its practical advantages. Not only do you get to use your meals, but students generally get many liberties at college that they cannot enjoy elsewhere. When I stay for break, I have my own room, a shower that I dont have to wait for, meals when I want them and no one to abridge my freedoms. It seems like something that we take for granted, but with all the liberties we have at college minus the shackles of coursework and classes. One can truly be a free spirit and enjoy the advantages of college life during vacation. Not only can many circumstances of being at college be preferable to going away, but during break, you can do what you want with few commitments. One almost becomes a free spirit during vacations and can truly enjoy all the benefits of college living.

Another reason that someone should consider staying for break is the fact that it allows one to accomplish a lot of work. Whether you can finish your papers that are due at the end of the term or study for upcoming exams, vacations offer ample opportunity to get ahead of your classes. If getting ahead of work is not appealing, than many other opportunities present themselves during break. Although there is little to do on campus, vacation poses an excellent opportunity to go into Boston, explore Waltham and do all kinds of local traveling that you never have time for when school is in session. In this regard, you dont have to travel far to be a tourist or visit interesting places, but can take the T to a number of excellent locations in our area.

People should also stay over recess because Brandeis is just plain cool during breaks. During Thanksgiving Break the campus is literally dead and one feels like the movie The Shining;

roaming the halls and discovering the noise of silence. People are also, in general, different during break. Cafeteria workers and other staff will have deep conversations with you, people who randomly meet in Sherman will go on adventures together, and social interactions are generally much more relaxed and friendly. You will discover unique people, experience new things and have a great time at Brandeis over break.

Staying here for vacation is also great because it is truly a wonderful opportunity to take a break. While leaving Brandeis includes the necessary pain and anxiety of traveling, staying at college provides a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. With few people around, and little to do but kick back and relax, spending time off at the deis is a great way to recharge the batteries. Going home may include concessions on privacy and many freedoms, but staying at Brandeis keeps one independent and provides many liberties. The ability to chose, the constant attainment of leisure time, and a number of other advantages are easily at hand when residing at Brandeis over break.

With Passover Recess just around the corner, I wanted to say that from my own experience being here during vacations is awesome. You have the ability to do what you want and the pleasure of a nearly unlimited amount of leisure time. Those who stay maintain all their liberties and have freedoms which cannot possibly be had if you travel home. Furthermore, staying over break has the advantages of using meals, getting work done, and a number of other benefits as well. So stay here for the upcoming break, and hey, maybe we could have our own Passover Seder. Ill sing the four questions!