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Strange but true

Published: March 9, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Dog named Lassie saves family from fire
Members of the Whitson family were asleep when their house caught on fire and parts of it quickly burst into flames one morning at 7:30 am. Fortunately, their dog Lassie quickly ran around and woke everyone up. With the exception of a few first degree burns on one of the family member's shoulders, the family was unharmed. As noted by the family's daughter, not present at the time, “[Lassie] saved their lives.”

Rumor confirmed: cow eats chickens
A Hindu farmer in India was quite curious when dozens of chickens began disappearing from his coop. By the end of one month, 48 of them were mysteriously gone. So he and his family stood outside one night and kept watch on their coop. To their astonishment and dismay, they watched as one of their cows, of sacred value to the Hindu family, entered the coop and began eating the smaller ones alive. A local veterinarian speculated that the cause was most likely that the cow was not getting enough of essential vitamins.

Beer tossing refrigerator: yes, it exists
John Cornwell decided that getting up to grab a beer from the fridge was too demanding, so he invented a fridge that chucks the beer to him instead. Using a remote vehicle entry system, all he has to do is push a button on a key fob and the refrigerator launches a beer out the front, up to 13 feet with decent accuracy. Watching football will never be a chore again.

Man trades in genitals for jackass stunt
In an attempt to pull off a stunt that he had recently seen on Jackass, a man had two of his friends poor lighter fluid on his genitals and light them on fire. When the lighter fluid didn't catch, the friends applied some more, some of which spilled on his clothing. The next time they attempted to light it, the results were a little stronger than expected and landed the man in the hospital with very undesirable second degree burns.