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Tennis teams show promise

Published: March 9, 2007
Section: Sports

With some key players not competing and with a season ahead, the Brandeis mens tennis teams competed this weekend against M.I.T. and the men were able to post some wins before finally falling to their opponent. The team lost all three of their doubles matches and won half of their singles competitions making their final record for the day 3-6.

The Brandeis team was unable to post a win in double competition this Saturday against M.I.T. Adam Sher 07 and Scott Schulman 08 teamed up together were able to win a total of 5 games but eventually lost the set 8 to 5. Sam Jonas 07 and Jordan Bieber 07 also partnered this weekend and had good showings against their opponents. They too eventually fell to M.I.T. but were able to win four games in the process.

The team saw more success this weekend in singles competition where Brandeis won half of the matches in which they participated. Cliff Silverman 07 was the only Judge to outright win the first two of his matches against MIT with a final tally of 6-1 and 6-4. Scott Schulman was able to win his singles match with a close third round of 10-7 while Derek Tesser 09 also won his match in the third game, 10-6.

The team was excited about their season opener but showed some reservations about the recent performance. It was the first match of the year commented Coach Ben Lamanna and with that comes uncertainty. He went onto state that the team experienced pressure we havent felt in a while and explained that they were missing key players at this weekends tournament.

The competition this weekend is the season opener for the Judges before they continue with more competitions throughout the spring. Next weekend, the tennis team will take on Connecticut College and Middlebury the weekend after that. This Saturdays performance is still a good warm-up and allowed the judges practice for the competitions to come.