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Brandeis to time warp, again

Published: March 9, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Once a semester, there is a special show at midnight for deviants and students of all types. There exists the opportunity to throw things, yell obscenities, and see scantily-clad men and women. No, its not the Liquid Latex show;

it's the Deviant Culture Clubs (DCC) production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Though the performance isn't until April 13, the Deviants are already gearing up for what will hopefully be their biggest, most elaborate show yet.

So what is Rocky Horror and who makes up the DCC anyway? The show is based on (and performed in front of) the cult classic movie which shares the same name. Actors play the characters on the stage while the movie plays behind them. The audience participates in any number of ways, from screaming out lines and callbacks, to throwing things such as toilet paper. There is also a pre-show in which the audience is entertained and pawed by cast members as they arrive. If youve never seen the show live before, there are special treats for virgins such as yourself. The DCC (formerly known as The Rocky Horror Fan Club) is the vehicle which drives the semesterly show. In addition to Rocky Horror, the club also is expanding into new, deviant territory in the semesters to come.

Dinah Dangerous Lofgren, the clubs president, talked about the club's revitalization and the upcoming show, Ive been doing this for three years and I took over the club in my freshman year, which means Ive been able to re-invigorate what was somewhat of a dying group. What Rocky Horror means to me is that its always been an arena for people to come together and have fun without being judged on what they look like or what theyre into. If youre at Rocky, youre our friend.

In addition to the show, the DCC has a great deal to get excited about for this semester and the ones to come. There will be cult, b-movie, and porn movie nights (very soon!), BDSM lectures and demonstrations, masquerade dances, lingerie parties, trips into Boston, and other deviant activities, said Lofgren. If youre interested in any of this or just doing Rocky, join our listserv as we send out emails pretty much weekly. The next DCC event will be a trip into Boston this Saturday for fetish wear, shoes, and cheesecake. After that, theres a trip to Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge, a belle epoch-early Hollywood themed-restaurant.

This semester, the cast of Rocky Horror is filled with old and new deviants and a large number of Zeta Beta Tau boys (I love how we have our own unofficial fraternity! commented Lofgren at a recent rehearsal). The Spring 2007 cast is as follows: Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Dinah Lofgren, Brad Majors: Jonathan Kindness, Janet Weiss: Lily Kowalski, Riff Raff: Elliot Flah, Magenta: Jessica Stone, Columbia: Brooke Binstock, Rocky: Mike Still, Eddie/Dr. Scott: Josh Golub, Crim: Arielle Kaplan, Trixie: Aimy Tsao. The Deviant Culture Club promises a great time and maybe even some sexytime to everyone at the show this semester. If youre bored on a Friday night, like getting dressed up, having fun with your friends (and making new ones), or just want to see what the craze is all about, stop by Schwartz Auditorium on April 13th (doors at 11:30pm) to sing, dance, throw things, and see a great show.

Note: Arielle Kaplan is a member of the Deviant Culture Club