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Letter to the editor: RSA/SDS to remain uninvolved with Finkelstein

Published: March 16, 2007
Section: Opinions

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the members of the Radical Student Alliance (RSA)/Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), wish to clarify our purported involvement with bringing Norman Finkelstein to campus. This point of misinformation has been circulating by word of mouth, and through campus media, when, in fact, RSA/SDS has not in any way committed to such a project. Though it is true that the Finkelstein event was proposed to RSA/SDS, there was no agreement reached among group members to invest group effort and resources in such an undertaking. It appears that the discussion surrounding Finkelstein was mistaken for group consensus to organize his visiting the campus, and thus, confusion ensued.

Having now met to discuss the matter, RSA/SDS has decided definitively to remain uninvolved: we are NOT bringing Finkelstein to Brandeis, nor were we ever planning to do so. While we support the engagement of the community in discourse about the Israeli occupation of Palestine, our central campaign is the War on Terror, and at this time, we do not wish to actively contribute to the dialogue by sponsoring or co-sponsoring Finkelstein's speech.

Furthermore, RSA/SDS would like to express its frustration with and disappointment in the Hoot for its failure to verify the facts that it published. We hope that in the future, the Hoot will confirm the veracity of its stories and maintain its journalistic integrity.