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Strange but true

Published: March 16, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Israel recalls Ambassador After Sex Acts
Israel told its ambassador to El-Salvador to come home after police found him drunk in his office. He was bound and gagged, wearing nothing apart from sex accessories and a rubber ball in his mouth. The event, which occurred two weeks ago, is a new addition to a long list of recent scandals within the Israeli political realm.

Misunderstanding: unicorn reponsible for car crash
A certain Billings, Montana prosecutor needs to touch up on his law terms. A “Unicorn Defense” is when a defendant blames a crime on a mythical figure. But when the Prosecutor read “Unicorn Defense” in his case file, he politely explained to the judge that the defendant was drunk at the time of his car accident, evidenced by the defendant's claim that a unicorn was driving his truck at the time of the accident. In reality, the defendant had claimed that another woman was driving the truck. When the mistake became apparent, the Prosecutor apologized to the public, the court and the defendant.

Captain America Dies
Captain America, a long-time comicbook superhero in America since 1941, is officially dead.

Captain America was originally created by artist Jack Kirby and co-creator Joe Simon as an opposing force to Adolf Hitler and has continued to fight evil ever since. Fortunately, death is not always the end for comicbook heroes with such figures revived after many years of hiatus, as Spiderman's aunt, The Vision and The Thing.
Presently, a Captain America movie is in the works.

David Pepose, president of Brandeis' Comic Book Club, noted that “Captain America represented the best parts of the country, heroism, resourcefullness, and determination. Apparently, Marvel feels that today's society has erased the need for such a selfless hero. While I don't doubt that there will always be a Captain America, I am pulling for Steve Rogers to return and soon. In days like these, we need a Captain America more than ever.”