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Editorial: Sponsorship Silliness

Published: March 16, 2007
Section: Opinions

The upcoming elections have brought a flurry of club endorsements over this past week. The Hoot would like to recognize the individual achievements of the individuals running for office, but it does not feel the endorsement of a single candidate is appropriate.

In the past, issues have been raised over the conflicts of interest that could possibly occur between the media and the individual. In the pages of this week's issue, The Hoot would like to present the platforms of the individual candidates and allow the reader to come to their own conclusions.

Whether or not The Hoot or any club supports a candidate should not serve as the true indicator of where to place one's vote. The battle for club sponsorship in effect becomes a popularity contest, with candidates lobbying for club support often on the basis of friendship or affiliation with the group themselves, rather than the issues at hand. This might even include clubs endorsing one or more candidate running for the same position, a seemingly contradictory stance that seems to point towards uncertainty.

While some might say that the clubs that a candidate is endorsed by is a good reflection of character and involvement, the whole idea of an objective government is thrown out the window. Already the battle lines could be drawn for some clubs who do not support a winning candidate.

We at The Hoot encourage you to read the responses of the candidates, and make an educated decision from there, as we will do come the elections this upcoming Tuesday.