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Editorial: Why is the crew team up the creek without a boathouse?

Published: March 23, 2007
Section: Opinions

Despite the seeming benefits of the new Club Sports decision, the Brandeis Crew Team is in danger of becoming extinct.

For the past two years, the Administration, including Jean Eddy and Sheryl Sousa, have assured the Crew Team that it would help ameliorate the organizations financial and materiel problems.

Indeed, in the muchly-touted Club Sports decision the Union recently unveiled, the Crew Team is one of the clubs incorporated into the new Athletics program yet the club is in danger of losing its boathouse, the most important necessity of the sport besides perhaps the boat and oars themselves.

What is a club to do? The Crew Team has exhausted every opportunity, including fundraisers, selling concessions, and even doing a team car wash and to what end? Indeed, a club with this sort of obvious dedication should not fade quietly into oblivion, especially due to a failure from the Administration to act when it had the chance.

Why is the Crew Team up the creek without a Boathouse? Because, despite the hype and hope behind the Club Sports solution, it seems to be far too little, far too late.