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Letter to the Editor: Brandeis custodians are incredibly hard working

Published: March 23, 2007
Section: Opinions

To the editor:

Although not specifically stated by The Hoot (“Flooding victim finds intruder in room next morning,” 3/2/07), there is a misperception on campus that the person found sleeping on the job on February 13 was a Brandeis custodian. We write to correct that myth. To the best of our knowledge the person was an outside contractor called in to do a job at Brandeis — not a custodian.

Brandeis custodians are incredibly hard working. They often tell us they are frustrated that they cannot do their job as thoroughly as they would like to?-certainly a far cry from sleeping on the job. We would hope that the efforts of our custodial staff to make Brandeis a safe and beautiful place to live, study, andwork are appreciated, and that custodial staff receive the respect they deserve as hard working members of our community.

Brandeis Labor Coalition