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April Fool: Subway restaurant to be opened in Village space

Published: April 1, 2007
Section: News

Student Union officials announced that Brandeis will open its own Subway restaurant in an unused space near the Village. According to officials, this decision comes after last years student poll, which gave several options with what to do with the space.

Were really excited about this, said Student Union President Alison Schwartzbaum 08. Students will now be able to have more options with their dining experiences, and it will free up the lines in Sherman and Usdan for die-hard regulars.

Schwartzbaum said that after lengthy discussions with Aramark, the dining service company was able to strike a deal with Subways parent company, Doctors Associates, Inc., to open a franchise at Brandeis.

Furthermore, Schwartzbaum stated, Subway also agreed to open a Glatt-Kosher location for Orthodox Jewish students. This will be the companys second kosher restaurant in the United States, the first to open in Los Angeles during the summer.

Subway and Aramark were really helpful in terms of getting everything settled, said Schwartzbaum. They were really committed to giving us the best dining experience possible.

According to Schwartzbaum, construction on the project will begin in May, and be completed in August. When asked about the costs of such a project, Schwartzbaum declined to comment.

However, some controversy has developed due to the opening of a Subway on Main Street. University President Jehuda Reinharz, however, felt that there would be no conflict between the two franchises, saying that Waltham residents will go to the Waltham restaurant, and Brandeis students will go to the Brandeis restaurant. Its not complicated.Im really stoked, said Kenny Fuentes 08. Ive been looking for a healthier way to eat for a long time, and the Student Union and Aramark really came through for me.Sara Ben-Levi 09, an Orthodox Jew, was excited about the announcement. Ive never been able to eat at a Subway before, she said. It always looked so good on TV, and now Ill finally be able to find out for myself.Ben Sacksenberg 08 said that he was, very happy with this whole arrangement now I wont have to walk all the way to Usdan for a sandwich.

Meanwhile, Health Services Representative Carol Steinberg said, I think Subway coming to campus is great our campus dining, just like many others, has had a bit of a high-fat content problem in recent years, and Im hoping the low-calorie, high-protein diet that Subway has to offer will help offset this. It may help many students in the long-run.However, student response was not exclusively positive: Jamie Steinberg 07 of the Brandeis Labor Coalition said that Subway has a reputation for treating its workers poorly we of the BLC, just like Louis Brandeisour namesakedid in his time, are going to make absolutely certain that Subway doesnt do the same here.

Reinharz also added that Subway spokesman Jared Fogle would visit Brandeis to participate in the unveiling ceremony. Brandeis has had a long history of illustrious speakers, and Jared is no different,said Reinharz. He has the strength of will and the strength of mind that make him worthy of Louis Brandeis legacy. According to Reinharz, Fogle will also receive an honorary degree at the ceremony.

Fogle could not be reached by the time of this publication.

*Note: This is an April Fool's story.*