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Editorial (April Fool): April Fool’s issue? Don’t make us laugh

Published: April 1, 2007
Section: Opinions

Louis D. Brandeis spoke of truth, even unto its innermost parts.

Which is why perhaps he would look with disgust upon his newspaper namesake, The Justice, for its recent April Fools issue. The Justice has had a long tradition of misquotes, inaccurate reporting, and misleading its readers, but this egregious disregard for the truth is simply irresponsible. Why would a campus newspaper seek to mislead its students? For a laugh? For a thrill? For a lightening of their journalistic burden?

We at the Hoot find this act morally reprehensible, and want to assure our readers that we will not take your trust in us for granted.

No typical newspaper does an April Fools format, simply because of the inviolable tradition of the press: fighting for the truth, and disseminating it to the people.

However, the Justice tarnishes their great responsibility by creating false stories. Indeed, in a true newspaper environment, the unfortunate writer who published an untrue article for the purpose of tricking his reader would immediately be terminated.

Furthermore, the Justice has attacked members of the student bodyignoring that both students were indeed editorial board members of this publicationwithout their prior notification or consent. They would do well to avoid this policy in the future: not only does this sort of petty, vulgar attack diminish the Justice in its readers eyes, but these students would be well in their rights to seek legal damages, as well.

We at The Hoot strongly chastise the Justice for its irresponsibility to its readers, and encourage students who think similarly to voice their distress to the Student Union. In a world where the truth is all too fleeting, the Hoot promises to you that it will not disparage your trust by writing fruitless, self-aggrandizing April Fools stories one week before the event itself. We believe in Louis Brandeis famous phrase: Sunlight is the best disinfectant (outside of Crisco). Reach for the stars! Its a shame that the Justice, with its needless, shameless falsehoods, cannot agree upon the same.

*Note: This is part of an April Fool's joke.*