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April Fool: Fight envelopes Reitman Hall

Published: April 1, 2007
Section: News

Three first-year students were detained by Brandeis Police Tuesday evening March 27 after a fight broke out on the third floor of Reitman Hall in the North Residence Quad. The names of the involved parties have not been released by Brandeis Police officials. The violence began after one girl requested that the inhabitants of a neighboring room lower the volume of their music. According to witnesses, the first interaction occurred without incident, but hostility occurred after music could still be heard 20 minutes later.

Laura Brenner 10, who was on her way to the bathroom at the time, explained, they said they had already turned their music down, that they were allowed to have music and that if she had a problem she should go somewhere else. Brenner continued, I could tell [the neighbor] was getting really frustrated. Wed talked about how loud they are before and I know she had been mad for a long time.

Brenner added, they play really horrific music. Theyll play an hour of straight Ja Rule and then theyll switch between Fleetwood Mac and Huey Lewis. One time they played 2Gether. That was legit. She next explained that after being met with hostility, the neighbor forced herself into the room in an attempt to shut the music off herself. She was really determined, she just got right up in their facesoon it was an out-and-out brawl. It was like something out of a teen movie.

Jill Cameron 10, the plaintiffs roommate, saw the fight most clearly. They were really punching her. I couldnt believe it. I was shocked. Her nose was definitely bleeding. But she didnt just sit there. I never wouldve expected my roommate to get violent but she fought back. She tore some hair out for sure I still cant believe this even happened.

Rachel Kahn 10 left her room after hearing the shouts coming down the hall. I couldnt believe it, Kahn said, there was actually a fight. I havent seen that since high school. And between girls, its embarrassing. It was Kahn who informed the halls Community Advisor of the commotion. I told [our CA] because I figured shed be able to do something. I wasnt going to stand there and yell fight, fight. Were too old for this crap.

The halls CA, Danielle Sokal 08, explained that when she saw the extent of the situation, she decided it would be best to call Public Safety. She refused to comment further on the situation citing Residence Life policy.

Brenner explained that when police officers from Public Safety arrived, the fight had basically ended. Cameron offered her account of their arrival. When BranPo came, the fight was already over. Its not like they got in the middle of a brawl. They just asked the three girls to go with them. It was pretty quiet at that point.

Witnesses standing by the dumpster behind North Quad overheard remarks made by the police offers on duty. Jeremy Charles 10 explained, I was standing near the dumpsters just smoking you know, and I saw the cops take these three girls Anyway, I heard the cops say something like damn, girls, if only you were fighting in mud and we caught it on tape.

Another witness heard similarly misogynistic remarks from the police officers. BranPo thought the situation was really funny, said Eric Gold 10, I heard them ask the girls if next time they got pissed at each other, they could call them first so they could see all the action. One of the officers even suggested they make out instead of fight. I kind of agree.

When contacted, the Department of Public Safety refused to discuss the case. Director of Public Safety Ed “Dirty Eddie” Callahan offered a grunt and then hung up the phone when asked if any charges were pressed against the students in question.

The three students involved will meet with university disciplinary officials after April break to discuss the consequences of their actions. They will also meet with members of Residence Life to discuss housing possibilities for the remainder of the semester.

*Note: This is part of an April Fool's joke.*