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Union Updates

Published: April 1, 2007
Section: News

The SMR was approved for Pub Crawl, said Director of Communications Brian Paternostro 07. The Senate granted up to $1400 out of its discretionary fund for me and the two senior senatorsJosh Karpoff 07 and Laura Kovey 07to handle this event.

The Union also approved the SMR for the Project Brandeis University Spirit committee to have its first spirit rally for the baseball season, Paternostro added. The committee was started three years ago by Jenny Feinberg 07 and Annie Rosenberg 07 to help start the development of athletics at Brandeis, and has since shifted to maintaining the school spirit.

Paternostro added that Massell Quad Senator Jason Gray got his report back from Mark Collins division detailing the Massell Pond cleanup and how thats going to work. The pond actually falls under the wetlands conservation act theres been sediment buildup building the last couple of years, and its making everything uglier. If youre going to fix the pond, weve got to have all the environmentalist people here making sure were doing it in the correct fashion. Behind Goldfarb is the real wetlands, so well have to figure out where all the dirt will go and things like.

The State of the Union address, according to Paternostro, is April 16.

Paternostro added that last year the Student Union raised approximately $6800 to help for relief in Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake. The hospital which was built with that money was just completed. They have just finished construction on a housing complex for families that have injured family members, so they can live close to the hospital while their relative is recovering in the hospital.

Starting next year, said Paternostro, you will be able to purchase WhoCash online, thanks to Jason Gray.