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Strange But True

Published: April 13, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Man gets voted into city council with zero votes
A resident of Missouri City, Missouri, ran for City Council representative, got zero votes-and won. He didn't even vote for himself, since, as he stated at an interview, he forgot that it was election day. Apparently, everyone else did too. Fortunately for him he was running unopposed. Otherwise, it might have been a tie.

Girl dates 30 year old woman by mistake
A fourteen year old girl thought it was odd when her “17 year old boyfriend” wanted to touch her private parts but wouldn't let her even see his. Aftre a while, the “man” gained the trust of the girl's family, moved in with her, and began lolesting her.

Shortly afterwards, she was riding in her “boyfriend's” carwhen a police officer pulled the vehicle over. The officer recognized the suspect and asked the giril how she knew of “him.” The girl replied that “he” was her boyfriend. This concerned the officer, since he knew the suspect to be a thirty year old woman. She was arrested shortly afterwards and charged with much more than the traffic warrant that had originally brought the officer to come over.

Apartment furniture offered for free on craigslight;

landlord left in the dark
A Tacoma, Wahington landlord came home one night to find that her apartment had been emptied. Everything was gone, including the kitchen sink, the hot water heater and the light fixtures. A little investigating revealed that someone had posted an ad on craigslist advertising everything in the apartment for free. Craigslist correspondents stated that occurrences of this nature happen on a regular basis.

Friend or foe? First one, then the other…
A 73 year old man from Kansas City, Missouri was very thankful when a younger gentleman offered to help him dislodge his car from a mound of snow. He spent a good portion of time freeing the car, but then once the car was freed he stabbed the man with a boxcutter and took off with the vehicle.

In another incidence of good people doing bad things, a man attempted to fling his dance partner over his head and catch her while dancing at a night club in Chicago, but only succeeded in doing the former. The woman landed on the wood floor with her head and sustained injuries. A lawsuit is pending.