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A moment with the Wailers

Published: April 13, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

As an appreciative listener of the fan of the Wailers music, I know that the Wailers carry hope and optimism. The overall message that the Wailers convey is quite an impressive one, one of unity. The Wailers performance at Brandeis was one of the most empowering performances I have ever seen, and afterwards I had the opportunity to interview Aston Family Man Barrett, bass guitarist, and Yvad, lead vocalist of the Wailers.

The Hoot: What is the interplay in your music between living life to the fullest and pursuing a more just world?
Yvad: Its about love all the way.
Family Man: More than tongue can tell. It is the beat of the people. All age, all time. Past, present, and future. Its roots, culture, and reality.

The Hoot: Yvad, you joined the Wailers in February? How has it been so far and how did you feel before joining?
Yvad: Its been great. I felt ready. I am ready when Jah calls upon me for great works.

The Hoot: What message would you like to share with the Brandeis community?
Yvad: The community is all kinds of people, young and old
Family Man: The older the moon the brighter it shines.
Yvad: Yeah, and we should observe that work is continuing, still carrying. It is about keeping the young on the right track. We are here to deliver a message reaching this generation.

The Hoot: And that message is?
Yvad: Love, truth, and rights.

The Wailers performance at Brandeis certainly embodies these beliefs, and will continue to do so throughout the rest of their North American tour that extends all the way until September.