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Why I love the Hoot

Published: April 13, 2007
Section: Opinions

When I wrote my first piece for the Hoot, in an earlier edition of this year, I never thought Id end up so committed to this paper. The sports editor, my friend, needed someone to draft an article about the first Cross Country meet, and I happened to be at the competition. So I wrote up 500 words, gave it to the editor and became a published author. Two months later, I would proudly be elected as the Hoots Managing Editor and be pressured to resign from my post on the Finance Board as some believed it a conflict of interest to be on the F-Board and the Hoot editorial board simultaneously. In loyalty I could never have previously imagined, I stuck it out and truly proved my fidelity to this wonderful publication. As I look back on it, there are several reasons that propelled me to work so arduously on this fine paper, and certain attractive characteristics that should appeal to any writer. With this article I hope to give a holler to my beloved paper, the Hoot.

I have been an underdog all my life and have grown to romanticize those who are fighting against unimaginable odds. I love the Rocky movies, revel in the ardent efforts of the vanquished in wars, and simply love the mindset of those who struggle in their endeavors. I feel like I could warmly and admirably say that the Hoot is the underdog of campus publications. With nearly one-eighth the funding of other papers (I would know, Im on the Finance Board), and nearly one-fourth the staff, our crew puts together a pretty decent paper every Friday. Sometimes editors have to write 4, 5 or more articles themselves, lay-out may go until 8 A.M. the morning it is due and unimaginable circumstances are fought each day by the Hoot. I love these conditions more than anything else. It gives me the fervor and enthusiasm to dive right in and do my best to contribute to this paper. I love to give my all to make sure that in the end we have a great publication to distribute on Friday mornings. One time, in what I consider my proudest moment at Brandeis, I wrote one article for all five sections of the paper and helped contribute to the editorial. I love the spirit, I love the mentality, and I love the conditions under which the paper operates, and the opportunities that it has brought me.

It is also a pleasure to work for the Hoot because I feel that every staff member has more of a say on where the paper is headed. Each Sunday, every person who works for the paper is invited to a meeting where matters of varying importance are discussed about the future of the publication. Everyone has a say, all can enact change, and I really feel that I have influence over the course that the paper will take. In this same vein, it is also true that upward mobility is easier with the Hoot than any other paper on campus.

After two months I was made managing editor, our new and talented mid-year features editor was recently appointed, and talent is evident everywhere I turn. I believe that our staff and writers are some of the most gifted journalists on our campus. They work with unbelievable obstacles, are charged with difficult tasks, and still get the job done come Thursday night! Upward mobility, talent, and influence, are additional reasons why the Hoot is special and beyond any paper at Brandeis.

Finally, I joined, remained, and stayed loyal to the Hoot because of the wonderful people who work for it. Every Sunday at our staff meetings, I laugh so much that my face begins to hurt. Whether it be at social gatherings or just talking in Usdan, our staff is bonded like no other from the crucible of handwork and underdog mentality. I feel like I have a special association to my Hooties, and thoroughly enjoy coming to layout every Thursday night. It is a pleasure to know such characters as Kevin Montgomery, Michael Sitzman, and so many of the other people who make our paper great. I am involved with a lot of clubs, but the people from the Hoot are considerably top shelf and command my loyalty and admiration.

So I write this article to stand as a testament to my fidelity for the Hoot. For better or for worse, we are the underdog paper of this campus and I love this mentality. I truly appreciate the upward mobility and the influence every staff member has on the future of our publication. I also admire the people who put this paper together. They are absolutely wonderful and do a great job of compiling the Hoot every week. And so I cast my sentiments to paper and shout a hoot to this wonderful publication!