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Editorial: SEA sets difficult act to follow

Published: April 20, 2007
Section: Opinions

Many clubs claim to work for the benefit of the community at largefew, however, are able to coordinate with meager funds and bureaucratic red tape in order to follow through on their high-minded ambitions. Students for an Environmental Action (SEA), however, is one of those clubs.

Over the course of this year alone, SEA created a chapter of Campus Climate Challenge, a national anti-global warming campaign. They have also expanded dialogue accompanying action on campus with multiple viewings of the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, with over 100 attendees at each screening, and have also premiered the award-winning documentary filmmaker Judith Helfand with her film Everythings Cool.

Meanwhile, over 150 students traveled to the Waltham Commons for the national Step It Up rally to Congress to pass legislation to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Their recent Dump and Run Program, if implemented, will decrease our Universitys waste output by donating used products that would ordinarily have made their way to a landfill. This coming Thursday, there will be a vote for a referendum to join with the New England Wind Fund, which will allow students to invest in cleaner wind energy and simultaneously give back to local public schools and lower-income communities across the state.

Next year, SEA sources have stated, the group will not only search for an Environmental Coordinator for the University, but will also lobby for President Reinharz to sign the Presidents Climate Commitment, which will allot 15% of the Universitys total energy to renewable sources. Considering this is a club that wielded less than $2000 this semester, while planning on average a program every two weeks, SEA has set a bar that many Brandeis clubs, which purport to fight for social justice, get too bogged down in bureaucracy and red tape to achieve.