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Strange but true

Published: April 20, 2007
Section: News

Mother abandons child over poor soccer performance

A Lincoln, Nebraska mother was upset when her daughter performed poorly in a Saturday soccer game, so on the way home she told her daughter to repeat the tips that she had given her prior to the game. When the girl messed up the tips, her mom slapped her. At that point, the girl asked the mom to pull over, which she did. Her mom then told her daughter to get out of the car, alongside an Interstate highway. The girl was picked up by a teammate's parent who saw her alone by the side of the road.

Drunken man run over by train and lives

A 19-year-old from Berlin, Germany, went out, got drunk, and fell asleep at a train station. As the train drew near, a bystander woke him so that he wouldn't miss the train. Startled, the drunkard jumped up, lost his balance, and fell directly in front of the train. The train came to a stop as quickly as possible, and to the conductor's amazement, the man got up unharmed. As the man reported later, he apparently fell right between the two tracks, the train passed over him, and besides a light tap on the head, nothing happened.

Pakistanis fear cell phones spread deadly virus

Ever seen the movie “The Ring?” In it, people mysteriously die after watching a video on their TVs. Earlier this week millions of cell phone users in Pakistan recieved a text message stating that their phones were transmitting a deadly virus, already responsible for the death of twenty people. The message spread like fire, scaring countless numbers of people. The rumor turned out to be so convincing that some of the mosques in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, reported the rumor as true and warned people to fear God's wrath. Local cellphone companies have been bogged down with thousands upon thousands of calls from customers concerned about the virus. About one third of Pakistanis have cellphones.

Research shows that chocolate is more stimulating than passionate kissing

According to a recent study by British researchers, chocolate stimulates all areas of the brain with more intensity than even the most passionate kiss. Chocolate increases heartrates longer than kisses, too. Although scientists already knew that chocolate has similar stimulation effects as kissing, they didn't expect chocolate to have so much more stimulation power.