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Punk Rock finishes year of concerts off with a bang

Published: April 27, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

The final concert at Brandeis this academic year sponsored by the Punk Rock and Roll Club promises to be another great free show with several talented up-and-coming bands. The Lovely Feathers, Ra Ra Riot, and Math the Band will round out the year by playing at Chum's this Friday night at 9 pm.

The Lovely Feathers are based in Montreal, an area already rich in musical talent, that has especially come to the forefront with other groups like the Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade and Stars in the past couple of years. Their tour in 2005 with fellow Montreal indie rock outlet Metric helped increase their exposure and they have been gaining popularity ever since. The group are coming off of their second release, Hind Hind Legs, and have been noted for their blend of quick and quirky indie-pop music, and heavily resemble the influential group, the Pixies.

Ra Ra Riot hail from the States, forming in January of 2006 in Syracuse, New York. They are a 6 piece band who bring classical instruments into their upbeat sound. Ra Ra Riot have not formally released any material, but much of their music has circulated throughout the blogosphere, on top of the touring with other up and coming bands like the Horrors, and they certainly have the ability to eventually become a well known name in the music world.

Math the Band are a more local group, coming from Northern Massachussetts. The group carries a quite eclectic sound and is fronted by personality Kevin Steinhauser, the groups band leader, Conductor, and Quarterback. Math the Band has a frenetic energy to their music with a heavy array of electronics. Brandeis is only one of the stops for Math the Band, who are touring throughout the east coast in the next few months.

Perhaps the environment of the concert is also one of its most promising features, as dressing up in costumes is highly encouraged, according to the Punk, Rock and Roll Club. This concert marks a year of great shows at Brandeis University and should certainly be worth much more than the cost of admission.