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Some advice for first-year students

Published: August 31, 2007
Section: Features

There are simply a few things that one can only learn through first hand experience at Brandeis University. Brandeis is full of twists and surprises, so without further ado, here are a few tips for first year students from The Hoot editorial board to keep in mind as you enter your first year at our university.

1) Dont wear lanyards (the thing around your neck with your ID). It is an easy way for upper classmen and knowing sophomores to instantly label you as a first-year.

2) Points are a sham, but the 21- meal plan is ridiculous. It is nearly impossible to eat every last one of those meals, unless you want to wake up extremely early on the weekends.

3) Until youve shopped around, stay away from buying books in the book store. Try online websites such as or

4) The nicest bathrooms on campus are the ones in the Shapiro Campus Center, although there are two secret bathrooms that are quite nice.

5) The Green Room can be one of the most social places during finals, contrary to what one might consider is normal of a library. Head down to a lower floor, where you might actually get some work done.

6) You dont have to read absolutely everything that you are assigned. Just be prepared for discussion groups, try and skim the readings if you can, but dont get carried away with highlighting and taking notes on every tiny detail.

7) Jerry Cohen believes that Oswald acted alone, and there was no second shooter in the Kennedy assassination.

8) It is approximately 15 cents cheaper to buy soda in the machine near the bathrooms in Shapiro than it is to buy the same drink from Einstein Bagels.

9) Do not use the Shapiro Campus elevator unless you absolutely cannot manage without it. It is ridiculously slow.

10) The only place that sells Red Bull on campus is Chums Coffeehouse, and they sell great grilled cheese sandwiches too.

11) Most of the school year is not as social as orientation weekend. You are going to have to find your own parties from here on out.

12) Office hours are always a plus, especially if you have a larger class. Also, dont be afraid to meet with your TA.

13) Know how to get back to Brandeis if you go to a party off-campus.

14) If you live in North, learn and love the East shortcut.

15) It is the students responsibility to get involved in clubs, no one will do it for you.
16) Anything not bolted down in Sherman is available to Sherman shop, including the trays (ideal for sledding).

17) Most people at Brandeis are not even half as perky as your OL.

18) If you can avoid it, try not to eat lunch at ten after every hour.

19) Make sure to have a system so your roommate doesnt walk in on you. Try to be courteous enough to call ahead if necessary.

20) If you want to go to Lifestyles Porn shop, just say you want to go to the Asian Grill.

21) Shomer Negiah means Dont touch me.