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Strange but True

Published: August 31, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

For sale: football cards and slobber
Michael Vick has been indicted for being involved in a dogfighting ring, and thousands are pissed. Not only is dogfighting cruel to canines, players for the NFL are forbidden from participating in such activities. A resident of Cape Girardeau, MO was so disgusted with Vicks behavior that she took some football cards with his picture and information on them and gave them to her dogs to chew up and mutilate, then posted them on E-bay. Another woman, a self proclaimed animal rights activist, bought the twenty-two battered cars for the grand sum of $7,400 and requested that the money be donated to her local Humane society.

Follow the anthrax like powder
Two members of a running club in New Haven, CT were merely doing what they always did before a race- spreading powder on the ground to mark off a path for the runners so they would know where to go. They certainly didnt expect the powders presence in an IKEA parking lot, part of the days trail, to lead to a full line of questioning by the police and felony charges, but thats what happened when someone called the local authorities to report that someone was spreading a mysterious white powder in the area. Officials, fearing that the powder was related to bioterrorism, evacuated the IKEA store and conducted a full investigation to determine whether or not the powder was related to an act of terrorism. The city seeks restitution from the running club members for all of the panic that they have caused.

Peeping tom captured and strung
Campers were playing chess in a forest in Portland, Oregon, when they heard a strange rustling in the trees near an area that the women were using as a restroom. One of the campers went to investigate and saw a man running away. He chased and tackled the man, and aided by some of the other campers, brought the man to the campsite and tied him to a tree, where they guarded him until police were able to arrive and arrest the man. He now faces the charge of private indecency.

License suspended, driver never told
A woman in Quechee, VT recently received a letter in the mail stating that her license was suspended and would be reinstated after she finally paid off a fine that she owed of the Vermont Department of Motor of Vehicles. Not knowing what the fine was for, the woman called the DMV to find out that she had allegedly been pulled over for speeding in 1980 and had never paid her $26 ticket. The woman fought the charge claimed in court that she had never been pulled over-ever. The police officer who supposedly stopped her claimed he had no recollection of the event. The Judge, baffled by the twenty-seven year delay, dismissed the charge. To the womans surprise, her license had been suspended since 1980.