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Diverse City Editorial: Take Me To The City

Published: August 31, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Walking down Moody Street is like taking a culinary trip around the world, a Guatemalan restaurant next to an Asian restaurant, an Indian eatery across from a tapas restaurant and in Waltham of all places.

This street is a symbol of the globalization and increasing accessibility to other cultures that swirls around us everyday. With this increased knowledge of the world comes diversity, an acceptance and thirst to know more about these cultures, thus, the name of this new and improved publication, Diverse City (DC).

This publication began in 2006 with sponsorship from the Brandeis Intercultural Center publication and continues as a partnership with the Hoot. We aim to present culture in the broadest sense of the word, whether it means commenting on a new movie, album or art exhibition or exploring the customs and culture of foreign societies.

With an unprecedented number of minority and international students joining the Brandeis community in the past two years, it is increasingly important that there be a publication founded with the goal of portraying the diversity of race, religion, interests and viewpoints on campus.

On the DC editorial staff alone, we have five different ethnic backgrounds represented. This is only a small sampling of the variety that the Brandeis community has to offer.

We do not presume to say that we can account for and give coverage to every individual perspective. However, we hope to shine light on as many cultures as possible in such a way as to expose the average Brandeis community member to an unfamiliar outlook.

While this publication was around before last semesters Gravity incident, we feel that event underscores the value of a publication founded in the name of diversity and culture and an appreciation of those elements.

In order to portray the diversity of viewpoints on campus, we have included literary pieces, movie and music columns, as well cross-cultural commentaries and essays.

So we hope that you read, enjoy and learn from these pages and perhaps become inspired yourself to contribute to the diverse voices that are the backbone of this publication.