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Little Leather Secret

Published: August 31, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Dont tell my mama, please, or
Those girls who got it in their heads that
Im some sort of example or–
those hate edge hipsters at the PeTA meeting, but–

Dont tell, dont tell,
that sometimes i like
the feel of a
Leather jacket all
Wrapped around me like some
Makeshift nest I flew to, willing and
to the heat of some boys body
pillowed with the rise and fall
of safely snoring chests,
the smell of cologne on stubbled, chubby chins
and a musk I cant quite tell
if its pheromones or just rotten

Curled up around the other
on the bus seats and couches of this
nonstop nation were traversing
Ten minutes of peace to every twelve days trek of
tired, tired early morning

hugging on tight for dear life, dear god,
oh please dont let this be our stop
oh please dont open your eyes before me
oh please dont let it be morning just yet
oh please oh god please–

Dont tell those kids, dont tell those
Lets just keep this you and me,
between you and me and this little land were crossing
all decked out in one leather jacket
and finally breathing easy in
one tiny secret pleasure
i finally found to hide in