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Game-On’s lost inventory found

Published: September 7, 2007
Section: News

The club Game-On came back from their summer break to find that their club storage space was unlocked, and some of their most valued games were taken. Group administrators of the board game club originally thought that the games were stolen last week. Officers of the organization, however, were recently notified that the materials were used as part of orientation training, and the games have since been returned.

Club leader Daniel Baronofsky 09 was shocked to see that the games were gone. The last thing I did before I left campus last summer, explained Baronofsky was park my car in admissions and run into the Shapiro Campus Center to double check the locker.

Game-On stores their materials in a club storage locker on the second floor of the Shapiro Campus Center. But when Baronofsky arrived on campus he found that many of the games were taken, and about $85 of materials were missing, The missing games included Jenga, Monopoly, Apples to Apples and Taboo. The club, which usually meets on Friday nights to enjoy playing board games, indicated that these were favorites among members.

Leaders of Game-On were eventually told that members of the Orientation Staff had used the materials as part of one of their programs.

Alex Braver 09, a member of the orientation Core Committee, explained that the orientation staff believed the games belonged to Student Activities. We had an OL bring them downstairs for one of our events without thinking twice about it, explained Braver. During cleanup they were accidentally brought back into the Orientation office instead of being put back into the cabinet. Braver went on to explain that since Orientation is an incredibly busy time for uswe didn't notice that we hadn't put the games back in the locker until we heard from Dan.

Once the orientation staff discovered the mistake, they placed the items back where they belonged. Braver went on to comment, as soon as we found out, [Evening Operations Manager in the Department of Student Activities] Mark Metevier and I found the games in the Orientation office and put them back in the cabinet. He also included in an email that he was sorry about any confusion this may have caused the club and its constituents.

Members of the organization were happy that the games had been returned to their possession. Im glad theyre back, commented Baronofsky about the reacquisition of the materials. Luckily we got them back before the first meeting of the year.