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Union focuses on diversity after controversial ad

Published: September 7, 2007
Section: News

The Brandeis Student Union, along with Assistant Dean of Student Life Jamele Adams and the Media Advisory Board, is working to promote further awareness of diversity on campus after a controversial advertisement was printed in last Spring's issue of Gravity magazine, said sources within the Student Union.

Were looking forward to working with Jameleand moving beyond [the] Gravity [incident], said Student Union President Shreeya Sinha '09, citing a recent meeting between Student Union representatives and Dean Adams.

According to Sinha, the Student Unions goal for the next year is not to chastise any group, but to promote better awareness of diversity on campus at large.

We had spoken to Gravity specifically at the end of last year, but weve moved forward from that, she said.

Orientation focused on diversity a lot more this year, Sinha explained. Additionally, she said, wed like to lobby the faculty and urge them to sponsor [awareness of] diversity in the classroom to a greater extent.

The Student Union and Dean Adams also hope to work with Brandeis publications through the Media Advisory Board to make sure no similar incidents occur, while still respecting [publications'] autonomy and independence.

Its unfortunate that it takes an incident on campus to wake us up and to realize that diversity is a journey, Sinha said. However, according to Sinha, the Student Union hope[s] to continue to address what diversity means at Brandeis during the course of the coming year.