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Some advice for the Brandeis Senior

Published: September 7, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Last week, The Hoot shared small tidbits of advice to the Brandeis first-years, and it only makes sense that this week the same advice should be given to the seniors. After all, your time here is limited, and there are quite a few things that one should be able to say they did after their four years at this university. Prior to graduating, one must:

1. Explore Sachar woods at least once. If you look hard enough, there's a fire pit where campers can drunkenly sing Smash Mouth's All Star at the top of their lungs.
2. Find a way on to the sacred Castle roof. Here, one can see all of Waltham and the skyline of Boston.
3. Watch BTV once.
4. Actually visit the Tiki House on Moody street and leave with the usual upset stomach.
5. Take a trip out to Walden Pond and discuss existentialism.
6. Eat at the faculty club, if it actually does exist.
7. Walk through the cemetary near Grad and Gosman. This is especially creepy at night time and if you're alone.
8. Drunkenly ask the Louis Brandeis statue for girl/boy advice after a rough night.
9. Go to Chabad, regardless of your religion.
10. Check out the various Indian buffets and Indian markets in Waltham. Very tasty, and very cheap.
11. Make a guest appearance on at least one show at WBRS and give yourself a ridiculously random DJ name.
12. Host a pre-frosh and tell them how big a party school Brandeis is.
13. Sit in Sherman for at least two meals, in order to get the second for free.
14. Tail gate and go to at least one sporting event.
15. Drink fancy martinis and discuss art with your colleagues at the Rose Art museum.
16. Write an angry letter to the editor to a campus publication.
17. Actually visit Lifestyles and/or
18. Find out how many times the person you hooked up with during orientation week and haven't talked to since has changed their major.
19. Ask all of your Facebook friends what their plans are after graduating, even the made up ones.
20. Take the very last shuttle out of Cambridge or Boston at 2:30 or 2:45.
21. See the liquid latex show at least once. Do we really need to explain why?