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DC Editorial: To club or not to club

Published: September 7, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

As this editorial staff wandered around Usdan petitioning to make Diverse City a chartered club, we met people of many viewpoints. There were those that said “Why not?” and quickly signed, as well as students who asked to read our constitution first. Perhaps the most memorable person we solicited was a student who refused to sign, explaining that she thought there were too many clubs on campus already.

Her comment raises the question of whether there can actually be too many clubs? While most people would agree that five pirate clubs would be overkill, it is hard to imagine that you can place a numerical quota on the number of clubs that should exist, without regard to each club's individual purpose.

Brandeis' incredible wealth of student-run organizations and clubs is actually one of its greatest strengths. The fact that students can find an outlet on campus for their interests in African dancing, a cappella singing, improv, the Russian language, volunteer work and hookah represents the diversity of the Brandeis community.

As long as the interest is there and a member of the community takes the initiative to start an original club, then why prevent that club from organizing? The plethora of clubs at Brandeis is something to be praised, not criticized.

Next time a group of prospective club members appear outside your door or at your table, give them a chance to argue their case. Of course, use your best judgment and if you decide not to support the club, please have a better excuse than there are too many clubs on campus already.