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Letter to the editor: Sulsky’s ridicule uncalled for

Published: September 21, 2007
Section: Opinions

Dear Editor,

In response to Justin Sulsky's recent article entitled “Publications hit and miss,” I'd like to start by saying how wonderful it is to hear that Sulsky is no longer writing for the Justice. After reading “Publications…” I would hate to see such a lackluster journalist sullying the Justice's pages. Mr. Sulsky: I'm sorry to hear that you're “still drawn to journalism.” I fear that you will soon realize that to be a good journalist, you must be unbiased. No one wants journalists telling them what to think. If you would like to merely write editorials, that is another matter entirely. If you feel that you cannot possibly remain unbiased and that your “voluble” opinions must be unleashed, please reconsider journalism as a career.

But my real reason for writing this letter is to express utter outrage at the thought of a student using a campus publication to ridicule other campus media. Do Brandeis students really want to have two newspapers, the Justice and The Justice: Attacked? The fact that The Hoot is willing to sponsor such a weekly article only reaffirms the fact that The Hoot is the National Enquirer to the Justice's Boston Globe.

To the editors of The Hoot: please reconsider printing a weekly
article that attacks other campus media. If Mr. Sulsky has such a problem with Brandeis media, tell him to simply stop reading the Justice. I did the same thing two years ago, and it has served me quite well.
– Eli Matzner '08